Franchising - An offer of cooperation from the company WrapKing - premium car styling company

We offer job opportunity for well skilled and experienced car foil wrappers from all around the world. Send your CV on

What is franchising and its advantages

Franchising is based on a proven success of an existing company. The great advantage of this collaboration is that your likelihood of failure, unlike other normal businesses, is very low. You will experience a safer and faster market entry and gain know-how and a quality brand from the very beginning of your business. Franchise gives a great chance to avoid the early mistakes and losses and makes the potential of each member of the network. On societal terms, a quality franchising is a welcome economic tool that allows you to start a business (without own products) and also provides a franchisee the opportunity for faster development and growth through the external capital which the franchiser brings.

Carwrapping is a new innovative technology and a fast-growing product in styling cars. Wrapking company has pioneered this technology and brings it to perfection, ranking as the absolute top, not only in Bohemia but also throughout the world. This was achieved thanks to the professional approach and years of experience.

Business of our company is based on our continuous improvement of technologies and processes that allow us to provide our services at the highest possible quality. The uniqueness of WrapKing and its extensive experience with unique and complex projects, will help you in many ways to gain by the cooperation with our firm. It is proven that the dynamics of growth of your franchise far exceeds the traditionally operating "from scratch" company. In the case of cooperation we will help you pass the main phase of gaining the credibility of your brand which allows you to earn money immediately and with a minimal risk. You get a ready-made business that allows you to focus not only on making money, but also on further development. Comprehensive training program covers all aspects of business - from product knowledge and understanding of the processes, technologies and procedures.

Working with us gives you:

The base, which we offer and a huge potential that exists at this moment in the market, means that your results are limited to your skill, passion, and desire to succeed. We will give you all the necessary knowledge and provide any possible support. We believe that the key to success will be your commitment and professional approach to work.